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A Typical Morning

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Typical Morning

This morning I woke with a migraine...again!  Although now I'm thinking it's allergies since I feel rather congested.  It's always so hard to tell if it's a migraine or sinus headache.  They seem very similar.

We got our oldest, Megan, off to school.  Yay - no arguments or too much pushing to get ready.  Right about the time I was getting Megan's clothes ready, Anna and Ethan woke up!  Ethan was in a good mood - Anna wanted to be held and didn't want me to put her down.  I convinced her to "help" me get Megan's cloths.

Megan is off on the way to the bus stop so the kids and I go out to watch Megan.  The ground is wet from last nights rain...luckily no one is upset about wet feet.

Writing this post is taking a very long time because I keep stopping to break up fights ... mostly with one of them taking away something from the other.  Books, marbles from the Flip Flop Chicken game, it's a pretty consistent battle - but one that they will eventually be able to work through.

My husband is home, but he's trying to get some work done.  He has two jobs, his full-time job is with Gift of Hope - they do organ procurement for Illinois, his other job is a part-time job as a Firefighter/Paramedic with York Center Fire Department!

I have a home business, which I love dearly and am very passionate with.  I not only love everything the company stands for, but I love helping others reach their goals with earning an income.  So, in between everything else - I am working on my business as well!

Well, off to gymnastics now!


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