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Trying To Live A More Frugal Life

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying To Live A More Frugal Life

Have you ever lived beyond your means?  I think most of us have, it's an easy habit to get in to...for some of us.  Just whip out the old credit card...and think, I'll pay it back at the next payday.  Next payday comes up and oops, got other stuff to pay off , I'll catch up with it the next payday.  That can go on forever, well at least until there is no more credit on the credit card and then you realize just how much you are living beyond your means!

We've had a real eye-opener the last few months.  Up until 4 years ago we both worked 2 full-time positions and, as long as were both working - we chugged along just fine financially.  Although we have never been good at "saving" money.  I know it's important and we've always strived to do that but we've never had enough extra money to do so.  At least I didn't think we did - honestly, if we really lived more frugally - we would have.

Fast forward 4 years, I have not held a full-time positions since then, although I was on unemployment for 3 years.  I guess if there can ever be a "good" reason for the economy to take a dive it was the extension in all the unemployment.  That money really kept us afloat.  What was dumb is that I still never saved any of that money.  Not sure what I was would just miraculously appear once unemployment ran out??

Well, I honestly deep-down expected my home business to be in the position to take over financially once unemployment ended.  I didn't really take into account that having infant twins would probably hinder that...a lot!  Now I need to consider taking care of the twins as my full-time job and work my business in the evening, at least when my husband at work.  The days he does not get called in then  I can be more flexible, but when he's not home - it can be impossible.

They twins have been sick lately and have been very needy (that's putting it mildly).  Yesterday it took 3 hours just to drink 1 1/2 cups of coffee!  Isn't that crazy? 

In this whole process of having to learn to scrape by on one full-time income and then whatever I can bring in, I have used it as a time to learn.  I have never been a big spender on things such as clothes and that, but I have just in general not really been very good at following a budget and not getting something because we don't have the cash.

Now, we have no choice.  I have now learned if you don't have the don't get it!  There are other thing's that I have done to help with our finances.  We refinanced the house (saving $260 a year), changed insurance companies (saving $300 a year), got rid of the Oberweis milk delivery - awesome hormone free milk (saving about $480 a year) - plus other things such as coloring my own hair.

I colored my own hair for the first time right before Thanksgiving and it turned out better then I thought.  It was much darker then I wanted it to be, but once I got used to it I actually liked it.  It turned out to be a nice winter color!  So today I got a lighter color, and I'm going to go color my hair in just little bit!  I'm anxious to see how it turns out.  I actually like coloring my hair!  :)  At least I do until the first time I turn it green!

Love to all!
Jodi  (I really need to create one of those cool signature's!)

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At January 26, 2011 at 12:22 AM , Blogger DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I know exactly what you mean... we were on unemployment, well the hubby was laid of over summer than rehired and just as he was rehired I lost all my hours at work. It always seemed like one step forward... two steps back. I learned my lesson this year though- we are getting a refund this year and WILL save money. I guess some lessons just have to be learned the hard way... OH AND I LOVE coloring my own hair, mostly because every time I have gone to a salon it gets screwed up. Weird.

At January 26, 2011 at 8:49 AM , Blogger Susan said...

Well there seems to be alot of that going around lately - Job insecurity. Fortunately, I was always a tight wad, although I did always help out my grown children too much. Yes, we all seem to be consantly learning. My hubby is retired Air Force, and has worked at the factory as a machinist for fifteen years since his retirement. Then just around Christmas he was put out on the production floor to weld, which he does know how to do but doesn't like. But I still feel fortunate because he still is employed and he still makes the same money, he just whine alot now.
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At January 26, 2011 at 10:58 AM , Blogger BROWNBUGZ said...

It is a tough economy. I discovered the dollar stores here years ago. At first, I thought that I could only buy party supplies there. I browsed the whole store one day and realized that they have every household stuff I need. I have saved a lot of money through it compared to shopping at the big grocery stores like Safeway and Walmart. Also, I discovered, Tons of stuff unwanted that sometimes I needed = for free. There are ways to survive this tough times. There's always a way.

At January 26, 2011 at 12:42 PM , Blogger Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

Your story is very familiar. We would've been sunk without my unemployment and have no idea where all the money we earned before I got laid off went. Now that I'm working again I realize what a valuable lesson my layoff taught us and we are continuing our frugal lifestyle in hopes to pay off our debt and start saving.

At January 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM , Blogger Kim said...

It is hard to sacrifice one income in order to be home with your children. But it is SO worth it. I have been home for around 12 years and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It teaches you so much! Came over from Family Friendly Frugality!


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