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Sleeping Arrangement Failed - Check

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sleeping Arrangement Failed - Check

Our oldest daughter (Megan) has been begging to sleep with her brother and sister. So, tomorrow being a day that Megan is off school (don't remember why)...and since Megan asked again, we agreed.

It was not really an experiment we felt joy in experiencing since we knew in the end it would fail. But sometimes you just need to try it out to just get it off your list. One of those things we won't have a child begging for a while. Actually Megan said not until they are 20!

It started off with Megan in their room. She was in a sleeping bag on the floor. Anna, being the one to delay bed for as long as possible, decided this was going to be the night to come out of the room at least 4 times. Three times to use the potty and once because her blanket fell off while trying to blow her nose.

Anna then decided to move on the floor next to Megan. Well, of course Ethan wanted to sleep on the floor with them as well. It was clear this wasn't going to least not in their room.

Next, Megan decided that they should all move into her room since she has a trundle bed. Megan and Anna were on the top bed, while Ethan had the bottom. Two times Megan tried to lay with Anna, but Anna wouldn't stop talking. Go figure. :-) So switch - Ethan with Megan and Anna on the bottom. Anna then decided to start playing with Megan' pillow. That was the end.

At that point, I had Anna and Ethan move back in their room and Megan sleep in her room. I felt bad for Ethan though since he actually did fall asleep and did REALLY good! Anna was NOT happy about going back to her room, but she got over it.

So Megan said she is done asking...until they're 20. Heaven forbid she really wants to share a room with them at that age!

So in the midst of all this, I was sent some information on signing up for some on-line paid surveys. Of course you get asked to then join all these additional programs. Not knowing what I was doing I think I really over did it!

One of the programs I signed up for is call InboxDollars. Apparently they were featured on Good Morning America. This program has a $30 payout. You earn $5 for signing up and then you earn additional money through surveys, games, shopping, coupons, tasks, special offers, videos and referrals.

You should check it's free to join. :-)

I'm pooped and going to I can read.

Goodnight everyone. ♥

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At February 25, 2011 at 12:10 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

my 3 boys shared a room when they were little. they are now 14,16,17 and still are often camped out in 1 room. the 16 yr old often ends up under a bed- because it is quieter and he wants to sleep. the 14 talks all night. or would. They love to sleep together but I have rules for school nights (even though we homeschool- because I would like to start school before10:30)-

At February 26, 2011 at 8:19 AM , Blogger eric said...

thanks for mentioning InboxDollars. will try to check it.



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