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Some Things I'm Doing Here

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Things I'm Doing Here

I am very excited to have the opportunity to start doing book reviews.  I absolutely love reading!  I just finished an awesome book that I really had a hard time putting down.  Not to be a tease or anything, but my review will be posted to Luxury Reading.  I will definitely let you know when the review is posted.

Other then that, I'm always looking to expand what I am doing - especially if it can add a little income for us.  Although, I don't want to do too much and have the site look like a walking advertisement.  I'm trying out different things and then I'll just weed out those things that are not working.

So far I've been most impressed with Blogelina - not only with her 4 week online course for a mere $5...but with the associated affiliate program!  Oh, I also keep forgetting to mention that with the $5 fee see also gives you a free one year hosting on Go Daddy. 

Adgitize has worked fairly well too.  That also generates regular traffic to your site too which is nice!

Lastly, Social Spark - not only is it a great program for getting sponsored posts, but it now has a wonderful Affiliate program!

I am involved in other affiliate programs...but none that haven't really done anything yet.  I will keep you posted though on what I find is working or not working.  If there are Affiliate programs you are associated with that work well for you - I'd love to hear about them!

Love to all! ♥

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