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Happy Monday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good Morning!

We had such a glorious weekend.  :-)  For Illinois, our temperature's were way above normal - in the 80's all weekend.  (Today it's only in the 50's but we won't talk about that.)   

On Saturday we went, with my mom and sister with her family, to the Medieval Times.  If you don't know what that is, it is a Dinner and Tournament.  It's all very cool with authentic, delicious food without utensils!  You cheer for whatever Knight's section you are seated in.  We were seated in the first row of the Yellow knight's section.  The knight's go past a couple times and kiss pink rose's and them through them to some "fair" ladies.  Megan was rather disappointed that she didn't get a rose after raising her hand.  But, low and behold, the knight came out with a yellow ribbon tied to the end of his jousting stick and gave her the yellow ribbon.  It all happened so fast - I didn't get a picture.  :-(  She was just so was just precious.
yellow_knight knights_fair_lady

After we got home from the Medieval Times all the kids spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening outside since it was so beautiful outside.

Sunday was a rather busy day - but a great day again.  We started off by finding a gorgeous First Communion dress for Megan.  The dress were so detailed and pretty - I honestly felt like I was getting her ready for her wedding!  The dress we got has a little sequins and pearls on it and a really pretty back on it.  We actually ended up going to Burlington Coat Factory.  I had never been there before and assumed it was a store with only coats.  Apparently it is somewhat like a T.J. Maxx but with a lot more variety.  We actually got her dress, veil and shoes there!

While there looking at shoes Anna was trying on all the shoes.  She is definitely a shoe girl and has been longing for flip flops.  She puts on her sister's all the time which are way too big for her.  The one's that we found and Burlington fit her but the piece that goes between her toes was a little thicker and hurt her.  I had an appointment for work to get to in the afternoon but promised her I would take her to The Children's Place when I got home since I knew the have a huge selection there.

As promised we did get to The Children's Place for flip flops and all three kids got a pair.  One of the most excited one's was Ethan!  He was so good at Burlington Coat Factory just singing and trying on shoes but never asking for anything...I had no idea he was that interested.  The girl's asked for everything they tried on!

The kids spent most of the day outside playing again yesterday since it was another beautiful day.  We even got to eat lunch outside.  All in all - a perfect weekend.  :-)

Here are some hops I'm hopping in today! ♥

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