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Busy, Busy, Busy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, I can't believe how tired I am! It seems we have been moving non-stop since Monday. We've had all 3 kids home the whole week too, so that's been super busy. Megan's school schedule parent/teacher conferences on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year so she's home the whole week. Anna and Ethan are in preschool, they would've had school on Tuesday but the teacher was sick. It's a home daycare as well, so they still had daycare but not school. Which was fine with me, since Megan was home it only made sense to have the other two home as well.

Megan came down with the stomach flu on Tuesday. It seems that every 5-6 days someone in our house is coming down with it. Must be the incubation period. Anna started it, then it was me and last Megan. Poor Megan had it much worse then Anna or I did. Hopefully no one else will be sick here.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. We do every year though which is nice for us since then we can have my family and my husbands family over. We both have small families so it is fairly easy to do. There are definitely more kids though then adults since my sister and I both have 3 kids each. I have to say though that after 7 years of hosting Thanksgiving I finally felt this one was the most organized! It was very nice and we had a great time spending the day with family.

On Friday morning we woke to find our favorite little elf here - Frisbee (my daughter named him). This is Frisbee's third year with us. He comes the morning after Thanksgiving and then leaves our house Christmas Eve. Frisbee takes note of the kids behavior during the day and then reports back to Santa each night. He's back my morning time but always in a different spot. Megan loves searching for him! After a few days of watching and observing Frisbee leaves a note on some things he's noticed that need to be worked on between now and Christmas. It's always sad to say by to Frisbee Christmas Eve though.

Friday evening we went to a friends house for dinner and all the kids got to play. It was nice getting out and it's fun now that Anna and Ethan are at a much better age to take places. It's so nice to see them interacting and playing with other kids. They love to follow their big sister around too. Amazing how all it takes is one time for the to see something and boom they are doing it ... good or bad.

Today was running errands. We did get to go to the library though. I just finished the third book in Hunger Games Trilogy. Loved the first two books but was a little disappointed with the last and final book. I was rather lost though last night without having a book to read at bedtime. So I got two books. One for fun, "The Help" and the other one for business, "Failing Forward", by John Maxwell. I have not really had the right mindset lately for my business and really need to "right" that. Reading Maxwell always seems to do the trick.

The kids were so grumpy today ~ exhausted from the last couple days. Amazingly enough Anna and Ethan refused to nap, which made for very cranky kids by evening. They were in bed by 7 pm and Megan was in bed by 8:15 pm. Then I actually fell asleep for an hour.

Tomorrow we really just have church in the morning and then just getting things together for the week. I have some work that I need to get through and some posts I have to get together for my blogs. Sunday's are usually pretty lazy days though. :-)

Well, I am going to go start one of my books! Have a good night everyone!




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At December 4, 2010 at 11:30 AM , Blogger Dari said...

Our youngest also came down with a stomach bug this weekend. She was pukey and then got the other end too, but finally yesterday she wasn't looking quite so green. Kids are so resilient though. She was sick all night then running around energetic all day until she just crashed.

Thankfully no one else got it except for a slight case that I fought through. Not nearly as bad as CJ, but no fun nonetheless. I am very glad it waited till after Black Friday so I could get my power shopping done before being laid out!

Happy holidays and thank you again for posting about Tyler...


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