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My Son Wants To Be Like His Sister's :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Son Wants To Be Like His Sister's :-)

This morning, right before we were leaving for church, Ethan started crying that he wanted a barrette!  Both of the girls had really cute barrettes in their hair that my mom just dropped off yesterday for them.  Ethan, being 3, doesn't understand boys don't wear barrettes or head bands.

Barrette from Tutu (grandma)

The poor little guy was sobbing - my husband said barrettes are really only for girls.  I decided what the heck...he's 3!  So picked out a brown clip, hoping it would blend in.  No bows or frills.  We brought him in to Sunday school and I felt the need to explain to his teacher why he had a clip in his hair.  He was absolutely oblivious to the fact he isn't really "supposed" have a clip in his hair - and was happy as a clam.

After church we got him from his class along with Anna and Megan.  Our church is small and very much a community.  We all are very close and love talking, so everyone was standing around talking after church.  The Pastor walked by saw Ethan then looked at my husband and said Nice!  Of course then he had to give us a hard time - totally joking.  His wife said she noticed but didn't want to say anything - but when saw him with the clip she knew instantly what transpired in our house that morning.  They actually have an older daughter and twins also - who are all the same age as our kids. 

Later after we got home Ethan was holding his clip in his hands and told me it gets on the end of his hair and falls out.  I told him well that's really why boys don't wear clips in their hair - because it's way shorter then girls hair so there's not enough hair to prevent it from falling out.  He looked at me as said, "OH".  Such a cutie.  ♥

I'm so glad I didn't fight him on it this morning.  It made him so happy and was so not an issue.  I'm just glad he didn't want the head band!

Love to all!  ♥



At March 7, 2011 at 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha! What a handful, that little guy of yours. And so cute! :)

Really did a great job about not making it a big issue. In the end, he learned on his own and you even got a chance to explain why wearing barrettes are a girls thing.

More power and Godspeed!

- Mama Mia

At March 7, 2011 at 10:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Admiring answer from you, i wouldn know what to do... i´ll make a note to remember just in case...


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