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Has Everyone Recovered From "Falling" Back An Hour?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Has Everyone Recovered From "Falling" Back An Hour?

So I honestly thought I had the system beat!  Well, it back-fired on me.  :(

Every other year I've kept the kids up a little later to make up for the adjustment for falling back an hour and it's actually worked (in the past)!  I actually made the mistake of keep them up a little later then I had intended.  Since at the time they were being so good, I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick shower.  It was a very busy day and it had not been an option earlier. I was up pretty late that night - 1:30 am getting work done.  I have a tendency to stay up much later then I should, but that seems to be the time I can get the most work done for my blog/web design business.

The morning came a lot sooner then I had anticipated, Anna showed up in my bedroom the next morning at what I thought was about 7:40 am.  Rather early for her, usually she is an 8 am gal.  Megan was sleeping with me since Rob is at the Fire Department so she woke up too.  We came downstairs at "8 am", only to find out it was really 7 am.  I forgot to change the clock Anna really woke up at 6:40 am. Ethan showed up downstairs at 7:40 am - he is usually an 8:30 am/9:00 am guy.

We had a pretty rough morning and evening - but survived.  It did take a couple days though for the kids to really adjust to the time change.  Amazing how just a one hour difference can have such an impact!
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Have a great day!



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