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Weekend Roundup

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I can't believe another weekend has gone by - this year is coming to a quick close.  Pretty soon we will be bringing in the New Year.  Actually I will wake up the morning of and think hmmm, 2011.  :-)  Don't you wish time could just stand still for just a little bit?  My In-Laws came by today after church to use our Deep Fryer for a chicken they bought.  I sat down on the couch with my father-in-law and I thought wow, this is the first time I just sat down and relaxed in a LONG time.  It felt so good to just sit and do nothing.  That seems like an impossibility these days.

I got some more Christmas shopping done this weekend (yay).  Not too much more to get.  I'd like to have it all done within the next couple of days.  Otherwise, we had a really nice weekend.

On Saturday we went to a friends for a Christmas party.  I have gotten together with this same group of friends for this Christmas party for over 10 years - it is such a treat to see them and spend time with all of them.  Everyone has children and it's really hard to coordinate time with everyone's schedule and children's activities.  There were 12 kids and 13 adults - kids range in age from 3 all the way up to a sophomore in high school.  We had a gift exchange for the kids and then the adults did a $10 grab bag.  We did have a rather late night so thankfully the kids (except Ethan) fell asleep on he way home.

On Sunday (today) we had church in the morning in which my 7 year olds second grade Sunday school class were singing.  There were actually several different groups singing today...for Christmas.  My In-Laws and my mom joined us for  Christmas and then we came home.  Okay, I think I should go to bed for the night – I actually just fell asleep while writing this post.  I think I am a little tired!

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At December 20, 2010 at 10:00 AM , Blogger Skye said...

I love children singing Christmas carols (like in your church!) Sounds like you had a busy weekend! But you are right ... sometimes I wish I could just pause certain moments in time! :)

At December 20, 2010 at 10:59 PM , Blogger Kelly L said...

You sound busy... I loved yesterday - after church came home and fell asleep on the couch (this NEVER happens) - slept for 2 hours.. it was bliss...

Love to you
I've Become My Mother


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