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School Starting Again

Monday, August 22, 2011

School Starting Again

Usually at this time of year I am very anxious for school to start up again since the kids are normally bored and ready to get going with the routine.

Not this year, I think this is the best Summer we've had since Anna and Ethan were born. Up until now it's been very difficult to do things with them on my own when my husband is working. He does tend to work a lot so basically we were stuck at home a lot.

Our major mode of entertainment during the Summer is to go the pool. Last year Anna and Ethan clung on to me for dear life and made it virtually impossible for me to be at the pool with the 3 of them by myself. Since a lot of the kids in our area have various activities and are vacationing off and on it made for a very bored and grumpy Megan.

This year Megan joined the swim team at our pool. Not only did it allow Megan to become a much more proficient and confident swimmer, we were able to meet a lot of swim team/pool members for the kids to play with and for us adults to have some adult time with. Not only that, but with Anna and Ethan being at the pool every day it really allowed them to get much more comfortable with the water.

Ethan now floats around with his floatie on his tummy will blowing bubbles in the water. He looks like a human float! Anna has turned out to be quite the little swimmer at 3. She now performs the breast stroke and butterfly for us! She actually does the arm movements but not the feet. She goes completely under water and can swim about 4 - 5 feet. Wow, what a difference a year makes.

Megan has turned into an incredible swimmer and is now able to go in the deep pool to swim with all of her new pool friends.

We have been going to the pool everyday - actually twice a day for the past week. We now go up for a few hours in the early afternoon to enjoy the warmth of the day and then back in the evening to cook out with the other families. Most of the time it is too cool for little one's to really enjoy the pool, but they have their friends there then to play with!

None of us are ready for this to be over... I am really so grateful that Megan got involved with the swim team this year, it really improved our quality of life in so many ways. :-)



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