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We Survived First Week of School!

Monday, August 29, 2011

We Survived First Week of School!

This first week of school was much more exhausting, especially more for me, then I expected!

Prior to Wednesday all of us were sleeping until at least 8 - 8:30 am every morning, getting up now at 6:45 am is much difficult then I remembered. Besides the earlier mornings, I find it very interesting how much the household in general has had a little difficulty adjusting to the new schedule.

Anna and Ethan, who have always played together are having a hard time with Megan gone all day. They start asking who soon she'll be home each morning and by lunchtime get very anxious for her to be home.

I am not used to being home all day - we have spent the whole summer at the pool so although there are things I have to take care of around the house, it's been difficult to get back in to the groove.

Other than waking early and being tired now at night, Megan seems to be the one who is least effected...and she's the one who went back to school! She loves her teacher and she has all of her friends in her class this year. Megan was nervous about starting 3rd grade this year, she's never worried in the past about starting a new grade before but I believe she got it in to her head it was going to be much more difficult and very rigid. I'm glad her worries proved to be for nothing. Starting of the school year on such a positive note has been great.

This is the first year that it seems we are all a little effected with school starting up again. I'm sure within the next couple weeks we will be back on track. Just on time when Anna and Ethan get started at their new preschool!



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