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Book Review - Adopted Ed

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review - Adopted Ed

I am pleased to have been chosen by the One2One Network to review Adopted Ed by Darren Maddern.  Although none of our children are adopted, our twins were conceived using donor at some point an explanation will be necessary.  This book review is in celebration of November's National Adoption Month

Adopted Ed is a simple, and beautifully written children's book with many powerful messages on social pressure and acceptance.

It is based on a little boy named Eddie who is just like every other little boy until some bullies started teasing him about being adopted.  Eddie then talks to his mom about what is being said and she in turn offers words of wisdom and very simple advise which then allows him to deal with the situation and give him the self-confidence he needs.

I love that the book not only helps empower Eddie, but it really shows how the parents give Eddie that self-confidence.  At one point Eddie decides he wants to know about his biological parents, and so his parents tell Eddie the story of how he came to be their son.  I think it is wonderful that topic was also addressed in this story, in turn allowing children who are adopted to know that is a normal concern of adopted children and it's okay to ask.

This book has many messages in it, allowing it to be a good book for any child because the ultimate message is it is okay to be different.  Being different should be celebrated, in fact Eddie proclaims a couple times "I'm adopted, and I'm special".

At the end of the book there is a list of famous people who have been adopted which clearly illustrates the commonality of it.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to address any type of anti-bullying or just self-acceptance.

ADOPTED ED is the first of a series of children’s book. The second one, Tall Molll, is written in same the style and spirit as ADOPTED ED. In TALL MOLL, we meet Molly, who is just like all the other boys and girls until she encounters a growth spurt and is and foot and half taller than all the other kids – – – including the boys. How does she feel about it? How does it affect her and how does she find her moment of empowerment? Meet and discover Molly’s journey in TALL MOLL in early 2011.

About the Author, Darren Maddern:
Darren is just one of the many millions of adopted people throughout the world today.

Born in England, Darren was adopted when he was only 10 days old by Don and Dolly Maddern, an American military couple who were stationed at an American Air Force base just outside of Oxford.

After spending three years in England, the Madderns were transferred to Tehran, Iran where they settled for the next five years and where Darren attended first and second grades. When Darren completed second grade, the Madderns were transferred again, this time to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Shortly after arriving in North Carolina, Darren was naturalized as an American citizen. Three years later, the Madderns moved one last time to Colorado, where Darren spent the rest of his formative years.

The Madderns made the decision to tell Darren he was adopted at an early age.

Like many adoptees, Darren became curious about his birth parents. Sympathetic to the feelings of his adoptive parents, when Darren turned 18, he secretly hired a private investigator to learn the address of his biological grandparents, who were still living in the Oxford area of England. He contacted them through a letter and enclosed a separate letter with the request that it be passed along to his biological mother. Shortly thereafter he received a phone call, and knew immediately who it was from the accent on the other end. This was the first contact with his birth mother.

During the emotional phone call, a plan for a reunion was discussed. However, after giving it serious thought Darren just felt he wasn't emotionally ready. It would be another four years before Darren would make his fateful trip overseas.

A 22 year old more emotionally mature Darren flew back to England to meet both his biological mother and grandparents. The reunion was everything he could have wished for.

At 26, Darren found his biological father and went back again to England to meet him. During this visit he discovered he has two half-brothers.

To this day, Darren still enjoys a close relationship with his British family. He also had an extremely close relationship with his adoptive parents, who always encouraged his journey through life.

Throughout his life Maddern has been asked about being adopted.
Through candidly sharing his story, he’s helped many adoptees, parents of adopted children and parents considering adoption.

ADOPTED ED is dedicated to both his adopted and biological parents with a special dedication to his mom, Dolly Maddern who passed away in 2000 and his pops, Don Maddern who joined her in 2009. It's also dedicated to every adopted man, woman and child to remind them that they too are indeed – SPECIAL.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book at no cost by the author and One2One Network for the purposes of completing this review.

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